The Foundation

The HIV negativ trademark stands for the HIV negativ foundation and the colouring of the Smilies symbolises the respective colour of the skin of all humans in the world.

HIV negativ is dedicated to become active in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic

HIV negativ is organizing a charity and cultural project for South Africa

HIV negativ is a non-profit organization with the aim to bring HIV/AIDS related education to the poorest of South Africa’s population and support the worst affected victims of the disease - children.

HIV negativ is going to build up activities by obtaining the cooperation of artists from the various disciplines. The goal is to raise funds for two projects and provide an opportunity for South African artists – through their participation and appearances – to promote South African pop as well as Afro music and African culture (painters, sculptors, etc.)

The income generated will go towards to 2 projects, the children orphanages and HIV/AIDS education.