1. Children Villages

to provide accommodation and care for HIV/Aids orphans.

Two community-based children’s villages will be built in cooperation with the SOS Kinderdorf organization of Austria and Germany, which is experienced in the erection of children’s villages around the world and which has been active in South Africa for some time.

2. HIV/AIDS education

bring HIV/AIDS education to the poorest of South Africa –
by performing artists in connection with performances of music and dance groups in South Africa.

Based on the “Mandela Aids Report” our goal is to develop an information programme and implement it in as many large and small performances throughout South Africa.

The idea is that music & dance groups who are performing in the townships and at farest locations will get sponsored if they are willing to include this Education Programme in their performances.

Our goal is to bring special stage plays in their home languages to many people as possible . This existing concept for the Education Programme will be presented to the public after clarification by specialists.