Charity Maxi-CD “Nelson Mandela for 10.000 days”

This anthem to Nelson Mandela is planned to be released in four versions covering four languages. qenzo already spent much time with his singers and musicians in the studio to record the extended and the ethno-version. Both are finished and have been produced/mixed and mastered partially in South Africa and Austria.

Also the jazz version is ready for release. This outstanding and extraordinary version has been recorded by no one less than genius jazzpiano player Prof. Darius Brubeck. Thanks to him and his musicians in making this contribution !

All productions costs have been covered by qenzo. Associated rights on all recording issues get transferred to the “HIV-negativ” foundation.

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Preparation of Stage Plays

A concept for an educational program to be used in all musical performances, based on the “Key findings of Nelson Mandela/HSRC study on HIV/AIDS” has been worked out.
This is a so-called Stage Play portrayed in an easily understood manner how people are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. To bring the Stage Play to as many people as possible it needs to be translated into different local languages (Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa) . These should be integrated in as many music and dance performances throughout South Africa as possible.

After a successful expert hearing (please see under „update“) where specialists analysed target groups, social, psychological and traditional aspects HIV negativ now has started with the organization of the Stage Plays and is commencing the realization.

At the attached photos you can see Mrs. Khumalo (HCM, HIVAIDS Coordinator), Mazweni and qenzo on their visiting tour in Port Sheptstone to find the first locations for the Stage Plays and singing & dancing performances.

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